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inquisicion – innocent sinner lyrics


under the sign of christ we met
at the entrance of god’s house
my eyes clasped hers, and she just gave in
desire in my mind
i crave her body to posses
i crave her soul
see me now with l-stful thoughts
redemption come to me

she is leading me into temptation
innocent sinner, victim of l-st

is this angel’s or demon’s work
guiding me towards sin
what has she done to me,
always feared god
i’d swear i saw her in black magic
was it real or illusion?
no follower of christ can be obsessed
with a dirty b-tch like that

wicked girl behold, stay away from me!
innocent sinner, victim of l-st

ministers are willing to learn
about women that haunt honest men
“at night she comes won’t leave me alone,
she is wicked and must burn:”
i knew while her tears fell to fire
that this was the wish of god
flames of h-ll will clean her soul
and bring her peace again