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insignificant other – don’t @ me devin lyrics


another night lean out my window
kiss my right hand index finger
i’m gonna reach to your room
and p-ss a kiss up to you

your boyfriend doesn’t have to know
your girlfriends never have to know

but as for me?
i picture us running away
i picture us up on a ferris wheel
i picture the two of us someday
just a picture of us

as for me?
i can picture us on hardwood floors
in chicago
every night up until 4
and we’ll stay up until sunrise to see the sun reflect in baby blue eyes
and i will not grow tired
so please say you won’t grow tired of me yet

another night rocks on my window
you left a gift up on my doorstep
where am i meeting you this time?
i’d follow you anywhere

you and me can be lovers on the low

as for me
i’d sign my life away tomorrow
i’d walk through h-ll with you
you are a desert oasis
and i’m renewed by you