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insistence – tribute to life lyrics


everytime i searched for the ways
to break the truth
“lonliness from birth to death”
i saw the ambition slaving on the mouths
i saw the fight that i’ve been, aimless
going as i came , dying as i born
everytime i thought this pain
i can see the human made truth
but i can’t change the order
faith and soul tied
ones like me calmed
with optimizing reality
i realized …
everyone has a story
everyone failed once test of life
my pain doesn’t decrease yours
and yours doesn’t mine
rivalry is told as the best way for nature
ok , allright …
have ever the ones told that realized
that the solidarity was ever tried ?
going as we came , dying as we born
is this the natural state of mind ?
unanswered questions , using none of mind …
compelled to understand , but …
despite all lived memories
despite bl–dy cries
at the end , my last words standing :
“this is real life”