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interno_s – take that lyrics


24/7 365 on the mic
i know that some n+ggas still take me light
but i don’t prove points i just point em out
if you talking cr+p you get canceled out
i came with a plan and they sat didn’t listen, now they asking me how i made it out
just sit there and watch while you nurse your drought
say a single word imma knock you out

i’m adapting
still ain’t used to me being the captain?
y’all ain’t dripping sh+t bring all the napkins
they say lately interno been trapping x2

so i came back with a back slap with a back pack full of fat raps imma clap back
till they stand back
the kid is back with flow after flow, you mad and i know
i came to raise the bar, f+ck admit i’m the goat
swag is squeaky clean, you would think i’m using mister mean what you mean saying you could battle me n+gga please

i’m a g+nius, prodigy, the game is my monopoly
once i start there ain’t no stopping me