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introvert (pa) – false positives//double negatives lyrics


the demons in my head share a single name.​
they share a single heart housed by single frame.​
she is the ghost of every happy moment you shared.​
every smile she faked, each time you thought she cared.​
she has this way of getting into your head.​
stealing your life.​
leaving you for dead. ​
she is the empty chamber in a game of russian roulette.​
time you won’t get back.​
all the money that you spent.​
she is anxiety.​
she is the death of me.​
the scars on my hands.​
the scabs on my feet.​
the blisters they leave.​
and the tears i bleed.​
she is the end that never comes at quite the right time.​
she is the life that won’t leave me behind.​

i’m sick of songs about you
and screaming for help.​
screaming for help.​
and i’m sick of folding these hands
of the cards life has dealt.​
of the cards life has dealt.​