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introvert (pa) – reperfusion injury lyrics


something’s not right here
and it’s never been
the demons i let inside my head
three years ago are starting to win
this is abjection at its finest
the hand i’ve been dealt i must fold
i lay my conscience to sleep
down in this six foot hole
down in this six foot hole
down this six foot hole

alone and unloved
i’ll never be enough
betrayed by my past
and all the things that i’ve done
no i’m not enough
it’ll never be enough
push comes to shove
and i should just give it up

i can’t even remind myself
of a time you weren’t
by my side
time moves on
people change
and you’re no longer mine
how do you break away
from the ones you love?
why should i still be myself
when no one gives a f-ck?
no, no one gives a f-ck
give it up, give it up

a hopeless romantic
turning hobbies into habits
thriving on routine
like a motherf-cking addict
remember me, remember me
when i’m buried six feet deep
and everything i became
is what i swore i wouldn’t be

i can’t even imagine
can you please tell me what it’s like
to feel
you belong
i can’t even begin to
i don’t even know how to
move on

what the f-ck

still self-helpless
still a self-centered mess
still alone in the end
still alone in the end
alone in the end
alone in the end