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introvert (pa) – takotsubo cardiomyopathy lyrics


the time has come for me to finally grow
the more i try to though
my feet stay stuck to the road
i’m just an addict
binging on habits and routine
hooked on obsessing over who i used to be

addicted to the things i felt
addicted to the way i fell
addicted to always being alone
alone is still all that i know

i don’t know how to say sorry
for the things that i’ve done
for the people i’ve hurt
to the people i love
i don’t know when to admit that i f-cked it all up
or when to admit that enough is enough

i don’t know how to say sorry
to the people i’ve hurt
for the things that i’ve done
i don’t know how to say sorry
for who i am
and who i’ve become

i am a coward
it’s starting to show
i’m a self-centered mess
with nowhere to go
i’m pathetic
i’m begging for pity
pleading for a chance
to mean something to somebody

i waste nights spent awake
and the days are the same
my life’s an endless cycle
of habits and decay
i miss the days we were together
and i wasn’t so bitter
and you weren’t so distracted
by how i could be better
it was you and me
and the words that we’d sing
i was your world
and you were my everything
the end to my story
my one and my only
my one and my only
my one and my only

f-ck it
i don’t mean a thing to you
thats always how it’s been
and it’ll always be true
is what i am in the end
and that’s how it’s gonna be
again and again

do you remember?

do you remember
when you used to love me?
i do
we used to be happy
where did it go?
why did it end?
can we move on?
can we begin again?
god d-mn it
f-ck it all