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introvert (pa) – the hand i was dealt… lyrics


you are the script i wrote and threw away.​
you are the reason i hate myself and feel this way.​
you are every turn i should have taken.​
you are every road i should have followed.​
you are the reason my voice is shaking.​
and you are the handful of pills i wish i swallowed.​
you are everything to me.​
you are everything i couldn’t be.​
you are the why i lay awake at night.​
you are the cold sweat drenching my brow with fright.​
you are the chills racing down my spine.​
you are the noose i fashioned from twine.​
you are the reason i waste each day waiting to die.​
you are the stool kicked out loose from my feet.​
you are the life that won’t leave me.​

you are my end and my beginning
you were the last thing that made this life worth living
but now you’re gone, gone and you won’t come back
and how can i carry on living with your knife in my back?
i hope you f-cking hear this song and dream of me
i hope you cried at the funeral while they buried what we could be