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introvert (pa) – wounds that time can’t heal lyrics


i just want to be loved again
i just want to be young again

the first thing thats in my head when i wake:​
another day alive, one more mistake to make
i think back to the days when i was happy
when i was younger and i wasn’t just acting
i think back to me and you
us against the world, what couldn’t we do?
we had it all, we took a stand
we were the young and the restless
the world in our hands
we were in love
or that’s what i thought.​

i hope he’s better than me
than i could ever be
i’ll say “i hope that you’re happy” through gritted teeth
but i don’t
i hope he’s just like me
a broken mess of a man, pathetic and weak
i hope you break him pieces like you shattered us
i hope you step on his soul and turn his heart to dust
i hope you wind up alone like me
so together, forever, we can be lonely