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$ir lt – betrayal lyrics


[intro: $ir lt]
man, b+tches ain’t sh+t, bruh
it’s whatever though, (aight)
but i’ma tell y’all n+ggas somethin’
look, ahem…

[verse 1: $ir lt]
people around me reminding me to grow up
but i’ma notice a shift in attitude, once i blow up
the bridge is burned, it’s over, f+ck n+gga i don’t know ya
you talk behind my back, and front you mothaf+ckin’ poser
i’m searching for closure, but i’ma get it when pigs fly
constantly lightin’ a spliff is the only way i’ll get by
i k!lled bout six guys, who were into you, i’m finna do
something i regret, tying the noose by his neck, and
let it go, with a ‘45 to his dome, and
see his body, i’m sorry
you can’t stop me, i’m sorry
don’t trust n0body, (nope!), including you, cause
you was just a b+tch, i should’ve listened to my gut you sl+t
if i ever see you, i’ma hit you with a upper cut
chrissy brown pipe dreams, your new n+gga don’t like me
but if i ever see him, i’ma make sure he don’t like me!
but he ain’t like me, can’t f+ck with n+ggas like me
can’t write no rhymes like me, attract these dimes like me
give you his time like me, yet stay on his grind like me
b+tch, be honest with yourself, like+
[hook: $ir lt]
he can’t do sh+t (uh, facts)
leavin me was stupid (sure was)
but i still pour my heart, in this music (uh+huh)
yet the glass is still half empty (d+mn), but…
he can’t do sh+t
leavin me was stupid (generational fumble)
but i still pour my heart in this music (i pour it out, son!)
yet the glass is still half empty (d+mn)

[interlude: $ir lt]
yep, it’s half empty
that bottle of henny startin’ to tempt me
hand it over, i’ma chug it ’til it’s empty
just like…

[verse 2: $ir lt]
the way you left me, was bone crushing, heart broken
tryin’ to scan the room for the henny, f+ck it i start pourin’
the stars showin’, the scars showin’ emotions is
what i’m swimmin’ in, i’m into deep, just like pacific ocean
but, hope someone can save me, before i drown
all this caused by a b+tch, who turned my smile to a frown
better hope my goons don’t piece together what went down
you’ll catch a fade, they’ll run it, and i ain’t talkin’ chris brown
or the waves, you bluffin’, choppa gon’ make you 360 (facts)
get rich or die tryin’ n+gga on my 50
times two, do the math, cause i keep it a hundred
so f+ck you, and the n+gga that you’re 730 for, cause
[hook: $ir lt]
he can’t do sh+t (no he can’t, nuh+uh)
leavin me was stupid (like why?)
but i still pour my heart, in this music (d+mn)
yet the glass is still half empty, but
he can’t do sh+t (best believe he can’t)
leavin me was stupid (factual information, b+tch)
but i still pour my heart in this music (what’s in my cup, huh?)
yet the glass is still half empty

[interlude: $ir lt]
uh, yuh, ayy
but on the real though
let me tell you

[outro: $ir lt]
the hands of time continues, you can’t turn turn back (turn back, turn back, turn back)
and trust n0body but yourself, you gotta learn that (learn that, learn that, learn that)

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