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ira may – lonely (remix) lyrics


[verse 1: ira may]
now i’m on my own again
i told you we can still be friends
now i can do whatever i want to
the only thing missing is you
you’re out of that door, not coming back anymore
how could i have been so sure?

[hook: ira may]
i don’t know, i feel so lame
love is gone and i can’t hold it
you gave me your heart and i never gave it back to you
now i’m carved in all those memories, cause i am just a fool

[verse 2: r.a. the rugged man]
aiyo, girl you was a good one
met you way back when mobb deep dropped shook one
yeah we had a good run
years and years went by, still you had me hooked on
i messed up, cheated on you when i made you look dumb
you said you’re better off without me, i don’t doubt you
but it’s just hard to accept life without you
flashback, cook lobsters, annie hall style
can’t forget your smile, wanted to raise your child
every lonely day tortures me, you supported me
accordingly, you should have been my wedded wife lawfully
i f-cked other women and ignored you
i told you that i’d die for you but i couldn’t even live for you
more than hungry for your love, dying of starvation
it’s heart breaking, you ever want me back, i’m here to god waiting


[bridge: ira may]
oh, mightiest love
is a memory of you, you love me, it’s so true
i saw too late
oh hey, now there’s nothing i can do


[outro: ira may]
i don’t know why, i don’t know why, i
you gave me your heart
now i’m just a fool