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issy wood – cortisone lyrics


i know you don’t
really want to share
your cortisone
good thing i’m prepared
i’ve got my own
even some to spere
i start to choke

i’m going home
the world got me scared
been out alone
and i don’t know when
i left my backbone
i didn’t use to care
no cortisone
won’t let me leave my bed

[chorus / instrumental]

some say i’m just like you
i’ve done it [x2]
i must have lost my mind to
it’s all in [x2]
my head
how come all i want to do
don’t wan’t to [x2]
smile and just be polite
to you

back off of me
do you understand?
i’m just a hip of your best lay plans
you’re pulling me up until dryland
and drowning me
with your other hand

(do i understand)
i’ve been so bad

some say
you could you could save me
but you know [x2]
i’m much better at sea
and i know i never said please

and that’s just how you craze me
do you call that healthy
cause it seems a little strange to me
but you seem so good at yearning

that’s not helping
seems a little bit weird to me (anything)
you don’t want to be anywhere near me
oh, looks a little like fear to me
oh, i really thought you’d be there for me
oh, but you rather stay clear of me
oh, that seems a little severe to me
oh, that seems a little [???] to me