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itsbambii – e.t bitch lyrics


i’m a e.t b-tch
and imma phone yo -ss home
baby girl don’t try me cuz i’m in my f-cking zone
worrying about me?
baby girl you need to go
and please tell yo man to stop calling my phone
i don’t need friends
i like being all alone
and you dudes lame as f-ck
always tryna f-cking bone
and these girls swear they hate me but are my f-cking clones
you b-tches lame as f-ck
and you could never sit with us
y’all really tried to come for me and
throw me under the bus?
nah baby girl i ain’t going down like that
y’all saying i can’t rap like is y’all really on that cray cray
are you b-tches really dumb?
i mean i knew y’all was some b-ms
y’all living in the slums
off of f-cking crumbs
do you see something funny?
do i look like bugs bunny?
(what’s up, doc b-tch?)
i ignore the bullsh-t
and the sh-t they say
and my name is bambii
and y’all know that i f-cking slay
and this is my day
i’m taking over here
you know what?
f-ck that! this is my f-cking year!
y’all all look like e.t and y’all all dusty as f-ck
take a shower baby girl because i can smell your b-tt
(wash ya motherf-cking -ss b-tch)
(you musty b-tch)
i’m a real crazy b-tch
people in my head telling me some crazy sh-t
and right now, i’m tryna tell them to stop
but she sitting here talking like she won’t get popped
i don’t carry guns
but i do keep my taser
and if you want something more, b-tch
i got my razor
tried to play it nice
and keep it cool
but you hoes really wanna see me act a f-cking fool
don’t ever try me b-tch
i’m the baddest b-tch
itsbambii b-tch