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itsyaboih2 – make u mine lyrics


+verse 1
i can always come back
even though i never left it
even when this sh+t is hectic
you bet i’m still protected
you’d think i was at the mic
spitting completely naked
splitting the head of every record
exec thats how i wreck it
even if you feel disconnected
sh+t i’ll still be ya plug
the glass is half full
now watch me fill ya mug
ya cup’ll runneth over
bet ya running with a soldier
with a hat still to the back
striking like a golden cobra
they know that i’m just too cold bruh
they said b r u h
now who the f+ck am i here to argue
with n0body
cause ya boy
couldn’t be more righter
jr been a writer
frying rappers like ore ida
yeah i got another idea
yeah now it’s quite clear
that i’ve been here for light years
ahead of ya’ll
the lights here
in ya hair like a lice dear
riding on ya scalp
biden time with my mouth
and hiding out in the alps
now there ain’t no doubt
all the leaders will fall
i’m a 20 liter bottle
with a real motherf+cking cause ya’ll/
+verse 2
i’m stronger than i ever been
recollecting every win
for me ain’t no second then
been here chilling with a hen
cause the roosters still asleep
i’m up before anybody g i grind
and i play for keeps
told ’em all that i would creep
til it’s time to show how deep
everything has just become
while doing this i just
watched a whole f+cking drop of blood
fall just to stain a sheet
i had to check it for myself
remember i don’t write with ink
on the shelf the tallest candle
cause every drip from h and led
know i got it handled
system been dismantled
and set up on my mantle
with all of my achievements
seeing is believing
so i seize it
every season nah
no more leaving
how i lead in ay/
+verse 3
i’m still breathing
so i know i got a reason
so hot when i’m speaking
i leave opposition steaming
hot potato i can tote it
and thats why you all voted
cause i’m a train of thought
thats carrying loco motives
i’m scary and still explosive
and love it the more you loath it
i’m open to be the omen
that phone is never roaming
when ya f+cking with a roman
then you know the call is golden
i’m folding
they stacking faces like totem
told ’em i’m chosen
put the nail in the coffin
right before i threw the rose in
cause i don’t peddle potions
b+tch i leave that bottle broken
and wreck the ship in it
got a billion ships coming
showing up at any minute
i’m not drunk with power though
put me all up in the guinness
always show my t++th
and i never visit the dentist
but stay f+cking with dennis
not a menace
just a colorful heir
here to swear how much i care
bet your perception flips
when it’s time to stop and stare
to see i’m everywhere/

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