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ivanhoe – wait lyrics


what time is life
what is the reason for
when you start thinking
feel an inside war

we’ll live the morning
with love, no fear, or hope
no hopeless memories
but it’s cold outside oh

should we go on
should we try running on
tell us the difference
of dark or light
the other side

time is the only thing you can’t waste
when you thought that love’s life hate
and you’ve seen them at your backroom door
so you watched inside an eternal flame

can’t you feel, it burns in your brain
to believe that you’re trapped in chains
when you turn out the lights
the masters eyes
will be around, you were warned
but now you’re on an eternal way, well

where should i go on
where are the angels from
live between the lines
wait leaders don’t wait
when you searched me
to find security

feel the eyes of a midnight star
if they’re around you’ll live so far
so if you see the eyes of a fallen man
when you’re near me, we’ll hear the lies
and you’ll call me once again
we’re watched by our master’s eyes

when we need, all our master’s help
do we breath a better air?
leaders walk in the morning sun
leaders say you’re the chosen one