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j.c.j – lost in boston lyrics


[verse 1 jcj]

feeling aganoy like kevin ware
its way more than a slight tare
so much pain and discomfort
athlete turned rapper like shumpert
see a girl and i dump her
pay attention be alert
flip the script so you feel the hurt
your nothing your complete dirt
alternative you play with perks
your messed up while im doing work
don’t worry man i got all the perks
talking good sh-t not bad
dug myself out and im glad
plenty of things i missed out on coulda had
don’t matter now in my m-ssive bachelor pad
missing the glory days of playing catch with dad
pure innonce how little kids are
loved those late nights counting every last star
this rap isn’t even dedicated to the bar

don’t even care about being faded
doing some sober thinkin has me concentrated
know this is so far belated
ain’t talking about drinking
don’t mistake this ship is never sinking
minds been messed up the past few years
think i recall the past couple new years
spent so many nights wipping away all the tears
poundering what i’ve become
wtf have i done wtf have i done
wrecking my life im so young
new time in my life has begun
past demons have caught me
can’t run i give in they have won
its rare that i admit defeat
this way of living has me beat
burden so heavy lost my feet

i’m worn out
no matter what don’t doubt
listen up im too tired to shout
excellent sensational
f-ck wat your doing recreational
quality of my work is outstanding
got fans linedup outside standing
got all the people demaning
respect im commanding
nows not the time to be withstanding
as i move up people try to bring me down
one day i won’t be around not to be so profound
but people don’t appericate the good sound
nothing i can do there all -ss clowns
didn’t even receive there gap and gown
didn’t get to walk in graduation
call it no partic-p-tion

have all the credentials
breaking it down to the fundementals
normally don’t get so sentimental
ain’t bullsh-ting about potential
its now or never
im in this sh-t forever
unfortantley we can’t all go together
some have to hang there hopes and dreams up like a sweather
people close to my age been dying at a high rate
how can you waste time with all this hate
when good people don’t even have a heart rate
over dosing car accidents and cancer
why they had to go soon theres no answer
can’t help to reflect put my life on pause
don’t care if i don’t get a round of applause
not doinf this for me doing it for a greater cause

like the people running the marathon
parents had no clue there kids would be gone
prayers and thoughts go out to boston
criminals see evil there lost in
don’t give a f-ck who there costing
who in their right mind would set those bombs off in boston
think about this and whats important
that’s my advise so go use it
see a fire of problems don’t infuse it
i can’t deal with this sh-t
i swear i’m gon lose it
say you can beat me so prove it
talking behind my back no facial interaction
no wonder when i call you go out i get no reaction
your so f-cking scared you won’t take any action
seeing you act like a b-tch gives me all the satisfaction
dividing all my profits but you never get a fraction