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j. ice & bionic the soul king – ben enwonwu lyrics


(stoute louis)
yo, peep the prerogative/more paper and more dimes
poverty drives us to snorting lines yo and fraud crime
i seek attention balenciaga with the croc strap
i still play dirty /friend to n-ggas who don’t rap
i cop a few bottles, greenery and drop stacks
my heart turn cold for n-ggas who ain’t coming back
i ain’t tryna get popular, the cops out here they ain’t got no binoculars
i’ll standing on top of ya fat albert n-ggas
i’ll be stabbing ya
besides my bank account getting obese
i’m a cheque writer, family man god, check the st–z
out here they call me og and kiss the ring
am investing in stocks and real estate, stacking cake
my dime still in shape check the stakes
besides the politics you not a hero but they chose you
that bloated you, play your position, act n0ble
i’ve been getting bread costal still in between cool or send goons out there to approach you
no jokes!
(j. ice)
peace god
that’s how you hold that weight x3
keep it moving, no gawking

(verse 2)
truk’d up, december retreat!
started from ata isong, nothing but jim ovia money schemes
stayed on ben e. shii. went missing, came back one twice over. can’t you see?
se mi! mi o fi ago alago sise
lagata l’omo jor, 38 a lapite
even fall kanjuko if he tryna form gangsta
if leg pain me i dey change my walking pattern
(cha cha cha) eyen ekpo amia adok
with light work i silenced the f-ckin balrogs
to bs i’m f-nny crossby. seagal’d up
bugzy mode, tell billboard i’m coming!
they tried to keep me sidelined
but i got me in like da bull against spurs in ’95
mbak for sure, 085 remains the code
sagamunicated, t’is where i ate the carlito
ma fo!
this for dem days of clutching pitchers
going down to the river bumpin’ doug seagers
fibbin my reefer
idiok eyen idaad big billing for the art
m-th-f-cka, get a bag!

that’s how you hold that weight x3
keep it moving, no gawking