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j.nolan – stand alone lyrics


the real been waiting to pick the style up
9 months kicking, i give it to ’em, their child come
already knew the outcome, why you think i sound at home?
old school internet, realplayer, i standalone
really can’t stand to hand ’em loans, but i’m a man that’s strong
tackle the situation by the book like i’m san anton’
tim duncan bank shot, capture it on your camera phone
watched it for a minute then threw it out like i did the throne
somebody said i was hating, somebody lied
but i ride the track like bonnie & clyde, so somebody died
them adi-das gave me my stripes when young
y’all can watch what my life become
everybody smoking, i’m detoxing like andre young
my time’ll come
y’all been dropping crumbs, and i been eating ’em
making meals out of scr-ps, microwave to heat ’em up
same shoes for years now, still squeeze my feet in them dunks
dare you to laugh, you crack a smile and i’m beating you numb
that ain’t a punchline, homie, give me the rule of thumb
cause i got some homies in all black like a suited nun
they from south central, you know the rule; and it’s usually run
they use potatoes that’s mutated to mute their guns
all nat-u-ral
talk about the rationale
clap the heat, them mashed potatoes hit the plate, we ration out
if i don’t cook, we’re p-ssing out like brochures
i’m so sure i’m so broke, let my hair grow, get cornrows like ghost dog
low on that pole vault, that’s why i go so hard
‘pac said that “life goes on,” but i just don’t know no more
these rappers ‘in the building’ i must be on a solo floor
cause i never see ’em, but when i do, man it’s over for ’em
protocol: “hit ’em up,” take his chain, roll his car
hop out while it’s driving, leave it remixed like a total song
i told my moms that i would get it, yo, my word is bond
and i’mma stick to it, still got that elmer’s on my tongue
these chicks sending emoticons, but my phone is off
feeling like uspa; i’m not polow da don
i’m burning jerseys of your favorites, i’m going lebron
it’s 6th sense, because they’re dead, they just don’t know they’re gone
give me that rolling stone treatment on the cover
home invasion at the dinner table, eating with your mother
rediscover what the youth’s about
no more getting used to droughts
pulling them covers back like what indians do to scalps
refuse the doubts, man i’ve been on it since a young cub
criminal mind, you won’t figure me out like “unsubs”
what a conundrum
if you don’t give a…then i guess i’m a youngblood
you’re slow as a young slug
yeah, i’m ready like archie eversole’s ebb-and-flow
poetical genetics from the city of jericho
old testament, purifying from head to toe
and when i die you can read about it like marigolds