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j.r. writer – head shot lyrics


you know
sometimes you gotta watch what you asking for
let’s have a lil fun

how can you compare
when you know how i do careers
i want all the smoke
bring my hookah here
you wanna do this where ?
i’ll be there, no time
heard you calling n-gg-s out
i cleared the phone lines
h-llo, live and direct
but y’all don’t connect
i land mines, watch where you step
man i know your worth
how were you buying respect
i will make it worthwhile
so you won’t doubt of regrets, n-gg-
i’m playing chess
who you trying to check
silence is on deck
i shoot quiet, it’s cap
who you trynna be
cut the mockery
you ain’t gotta lie to me
lie where you slept
and yes
i hear your last verse
i ain’t impressed
you gon’ make me have to ask ferg
line up the flex
speaking of line up the flex
you stealing lines up and flex
i’ll k!ll you, your ghost writer is next
y’all gonna die a duet
quiet on set
acting like you sick
this ain’t about who richer or who had a lot of hits
ain’t no backing out of this
backtracking out of this
little fake eminem fast rappin’ out of this, no
hit us with your best impression of drizzy
you ain’t even the best in your city
let me guess, it’s the henny ?
that’s the only time you ever been litty
n-gg-, stick to writing records for iggy
motherf-cker, you wild dirt
don’t get outworked
make you jump from the roof
try to crowd surf
you look wild hurt
and i’m better than you, shorty
out here making it look like 20’s the new 40
who you trynna be lanez ?
best rapper ever lived
who you trynna be ? wayne ?
cardi try to b you, you ain’t tryna be lame
all that auto tune, we already got a t-pain
n-gg- nah!
we see through your rap lies
got on diplomatic ties
and you ruined that vibe
with your stupid -ss rhymes
shit sell weaker than that last record you dropped with the 6ix9ine feature
crazy you can’t fit my sneakers
and your troll game weak
you ain’t 6ix9ine either
even [?] gods see it
you wanna be in his shoes
‘cuz as long as he still rap you’ll always be number two
i’m just speaking the truth
i ain’t beefing with you
i’m tired of all this cap you wanna feed to the youth
this is proof
i black on whoever askin’ for action
just stick to singin’ and act like this never happened