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j.r. writer – in the booth lyrics


chris childs, what it look like?
let’s show off a little, b-tch
haha, too easy, yeah

go in and body the booth
who wanna riot with zeus?
you’d think a lion was loose
tie up your boots
you gon’ need lot of recruits
you need somebody with nukes, ooh
i keep my eye on the loot
i’m givin’ jamba the juice
tryna be cute
you gon’ die behind these bars
somethin’ john gotti would do
i’m on the street, y’all on the stoop
y’all got me beat, i don’t produce
shawty with me, think i’m high than the roof
she don’t believe i put vado with proof
got them hitters in the cut
if you really feelin’ tough
better think before you rush
’cause we gone off the goose
so you n-ggas better duck
y’all on some amateur sh-t
i give a d-mn who you with
i got a can you can sip
that was amazing
i tell your traveling agent
i hope he ain’t planning a trip, sh-t
i ain’t a fan of you pr-cks, i can’t understand what you spit
way out the country
hittin’ this canada b-tch
thick as a pan full of grits
i been the great, i do not care what you rate me
y’all out here wearin’ fugazi
take some advice from your mother
please don’t go near me crazy
go over there when i’m angry
if you compare me, you played me
b-tches think i’m unapproachable
that n-gga arrogant, ain’t he?
i been abusing the flow
somethin’ your roommate should know
you don’t record but live in the studio though
you need more room just to grow
she want a pic, she wanna dip
i give that b-tch, fruit by the roll
then i admit, you ain’t gotta p-ss
you ain’t gotta sh-t, but you gotta go, whoa
all of you minors are minute
do anything to go viral
all in your video pilled up
you going out like you michael
y’all don’t get busy like i do
they know i kick it like rayu
you better k!ll who advise you, zeus