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j.r. writer – losin’ it lyrics


uh, 1 2
bring my levels up
they gotta hear me
live from harlem world
zeus uh, yeah, yeah

n-gg-s tried to stick with me but they been gettin’ crossed
you better check my history like you was insecure
spittin’ f-ckery but claim that you’ve been gettin’ off
how could you f-ck with me? ya tape been gettin’ menopause (men-to-pause)
i should d-mac but i’m plottin’, where you be at?
i’ll park you anywhere like i’m ridin’ in a fee-at
or fiat, n-gg- relax, you ’bout to make me relapse
karrueche with the body pic, n-body wanna see that
all my tracks is a cl-ssic, i don’t clash with these rappers
all that trash you performin’, you don’t match up with c-ssius
i’ll have you staggerin’ backwards and then its ashes to ashes
hope you have the ray zapper, if i ever catch you in traffic
n-gg-, fact is i’m fresher and you’s a p-ssive-aggressor
pickin’ who you want friction with, more like static selector (statik selektah)
me, i spaz on whoever, what’s a pimp to neutrogena?
i’m dead cold with it, kenneka jenkins in a freezer
b-tch, i’m clinically crazy, y’all can’t lyrically fade me
casey anthony, can’t you see how i’m k!llin’ ’em, baby
this is bigger than kd, who can get with me lately
i tried to picture that sh-t, then the picture get grainy
maybe you n-gg-s just lazy or your lyrics fugazi
if you claim that i’m bitin’, you must be livin’ with rabies
how you think that you made me? man you frauds need to get in tune
my studio is me and duke da god in the livin’ room
mean, i was eighteen, mobbin’ with the a-team
lines you could never fade, i ain’t usin’ beijing
ain’t n-body feelin’ you, y’all ain’t what the game fiend
i had most of the city blue when i was in the state greens
i’m god chosen, bars golden, y’all foldin’
i studied under lamont coleman, heart frozen
big l is where the heathen got his flowin’ from
they say i be loosin’ it, yeezy ain’t the only one
beyond raw, want war? get an encore
dna all over the place, kendrick lamar tour
yeah, this is hardcore, who say they playin’ hard ball?
i cook up so much hard, i’m ’bout to send some sh-t to rob ford
please believe, i’m k!llin’ ’em with ease
ya girl don’t want for nothin’ ’cause i give her what she need
huh, n-gg- please, that b-tch don’t get to breathe
she be on her knees so much they ’bout to kick her out the league (ha!)
sh-t is simple, how i dip through these instrumentals
but tell me how you got the t-tle when you in a rental?
i see the skits you into, keep thinkin’ it’s jimmy kimmel
i put this ‘fif on ya mental, welcome to 50 central
it’s a fact, i loose friends when i rap
f-ck a label, i’m independent i want everythin’ back
not to mention i’m crack and so much of a rap god
you n-gg-s is wack, i should mumble my last bar, zeus