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jack frost – didn’t know where i was lyrics


well you spoke about amnesia, as though it’s where it’s at
your lover had a siezure, while her brother fed her p-ssycat
you were hanging from the railing, like a flag that’s just been torn
you were trying, you were failing, you were screaming through the storm
didn’t know where i was, didn’t know where i was
i didn’t know my name
didn’t know where i was, didn’t know where i was
it all looked the same
by the time i reached wisconsin, it was looking just like perth
a damaged doomed charles bronson stumbling on this earth
when the carburettors buckled your pistons just went slack
from the time that you were suckled, you were crying through the cracks
there’s people in the city, there’s witches in the caves
there’s matchsticks in the kitty, why can’t you behave
torches search the heavens, it’s raining out at sea
everyone has disappeared you keep telling me
your cover is blown, your smile is cracked
your house burned down and that’s a fact