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jackmo – dressed up lyrics


hey, hey, hey, hey
i’m feeling good, dressed up
hey, hey, hey, hey
i’m feeling good, dressed up
hey, im feeling, feeling, feeling good
dressed up

[verse 1]
yo boy got that fresh st–z
dress shirt black jeans and a pressed tree
i dress to impressive b
yes ma’am like my mama finna dress me
got tracks eating good getting hefty
keys going jingle when i push no klefki
ego tryna sever me, turkey bacon on a rhyme spree
kush the color green veggie flow no kiwi
sebastian getting lifted off that sea weed
no microscope to see me, bigger than your tv
if you think this a joke i’m the biggest clown, remi
remi or henny either way we too cl-ssy they let us catch a sip
we let them catch a tip
your pop want no lip or he might pop pop that lip
gone for a six week trip, sp-wn sinnissippi disc and dip
in a poncho i look honcho flow cold gazpacho


[verse 2]
yeah, i wear sweat shorts on point like a pitch fork
i drop grown men til they cry like a baby, stork
aspirations of the pork the job will get you fried
hashtag yolo swinging by my neck tie, a memo
i won’t comply yet i always seem to skid by
on my rollerblades baby’s been afraid
im a benefactor jay-z renegade hazy
puffing piff out my pipe twain einstein and crosby
slacks pressed get a glimpse of my st–z b
don’t need to please me, just get your dance on
we won’t be here long, just need to finish this song

i’ll put an interlude
just let em, let em, lele-let em know that i still gota groove
i’m the emperor, so can i get a word, or at least your hand, heyyy
just fine, walk it out now, walka walk it out now
ah, ah, ah, ah, walk it out now, ah, ah, yeah, yeah
ah, ah, walk it out, walk it out

[verse 3]
ok drop the silliness, bro im serious
i don’t mess around with the game hanging with lames
can’t elevate they flame or handle the jameson in spain
the street in the pete fall neatly in the crete
stop it, have fun and look dapper
that grin on your face like you pushed over a public cr-pper
we out here, or in there, either way we won’t stop til we have the whole thing clear
it’s a monopoly, throw out the rule book be creative try and stop me
don’t be scured swerving a herd barking a bird parking in third
it’s nonsense, but it’s all paper, trap got us all locked down like a stapler
it’s a metaphor, english cl-ss what i say yes for
spit lines recite a poem living outside the box they call home, sup chrome dome
swagrio and yoloigi in overalls over all like hov im the boss, look


you know i’m feeling good when i’m dressed up
you know i’m feeling good when i’m dressed up
i’m feeling good, when, when i’m dressed up
i’m feeling good, what about you
get dressed up, tie around the neck, i
bow tie, don’t really care, just get one on
let’s go