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jae’zus – railroad lyrics


staples won’t work
you’ve gotta drive spikes

yea i’m no stranger to these hard times
passing me by on my pharcyde
creating audio movies just call me carmike
exhausted as a car’s pipe
bruce wayne sh+t cause i prefer the dark nights
let it sink in like t++th of a shark’s bite
accumulated greatness leaking from the archives
until my tomb is made i’m sticking to my martyr’s right
daddy still alive but lost him to the hard white
no love lost above all my hearts cold
i make my art from software that’s a dark soul
open the furnace only to churn up the charred coal
these n+ggas spitting candy bars these are bars of gold
heavy weighted antic+p+te that it’s hard to hold
heavenly gated debated because my spot’s sold
mind running at a mill but i jot slow
i’ll only have time to k!ll when it’s time to go
can we ever rewind it no
shattered like a china bowl
ruling the world similar to a v+g+n+ hole
ignorance is bliss making sense to you it kind of don’t
quick witted and sarcastic if ya didn’t now ya know
hardbody even if a n+gga frail though
stop blowing hot air don’t be whale hole
i’ll be the jordan of snowboarding if h+ll froze
riding these slopes till both of my legs are jello
i’m just beating on this railroad
i’m just beating on this railroad
catch me beating on this railroad
and will i ever stop h+ll no