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jagged edge – in the morning lyrics


i can’t get enough, sometimes it’s way to much [2x]

got a job, i got doe,
what i need with a hoe,
i wanna girlfriend,
a real women who knows how to please me
she makes it so easy,
at the end of the day we all wanna get a little freaky,
i got dinner on the table we gonna have to warm it up,
cause when you get here,
i’m gonna give you all the love that i have in me, baby,
all i need is your attention, please.

feel a rush, when you sleep,
’cause i can’t get enough, of you just loving me, sometimes it’s way to much,
your body’s so right but i know i’d be wrong
if i didn’t wanna do you like all night long,
it’s your touch and your kiss,
something i don’t wanna miss,
it’s your skin, it’s your lips,
it feels like such a gift,
if it’s up to me we’d be here the whole night through… ’til the morning.

in the morning, when we wake up,
you be looking at me so peacefully
this where i need to be,
in the morning, when we wake up,
will be together and whenever,
no there’s nothing better,
in the morning when we wake up,
you be looking at me so peacefully,
got your day starting so crazy, baby,
do you know, there ain’t nothing like just being with you baby
in the morning

and i love how you look,
even when you get up,
look so lovely,
them rollers and no make up,
and i can’t believe,
at the end of the day i still gotta say you’re my special lady,
now the morning’s kinda tough,
got coffa©e in my cup,
i pray that you be loving me
it’s hard to just get up,
i can’t start my day alone,
there is nothing like just being with you
in the morning



[hook 2]
i can’t make a day at my job alone without trying to run on home,
fun’ll get me all the way through the day but it just get me half way,
i can’t worry about where my boys be going i’m gonna be right home,
and i wouldn’t miss it for nothing, just for that morning time, morning time

[ad lib]


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