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jak tripper – colossus lyrics


(so the wizard unfastened his head and emptied out the straw…you will be a great man, for i have giving you a lot of bran-new brains.) [excerpt from the wizard of oz]

[jak tripper]

my vibe on some duck flow
belly of boat stuck won’t row
dumb yo, handicap bus load trip
he clutch toast quick
i get my arms waiving like jump rope tricks
it’s like a bus load of kids dumped off on your block and dump whole clips
so much gun smoke sit in the air the sun goes dim
i mean the sun glows dim
my clothes smelling like cabbage or skunk broke in
pill bottles bust open
i bust methadone lids
hype man, hyper, meth and c0ke kids
for the art my skin coming off like feathers molting
on ledges of molten lava
magma bars from mount helens flowing
lanternfish links, my neck is glowing
flex on hogan
weight move like ferrigno
punchlines like you in the ring with both of the klitschkos
my mental state a sh-t show
label on skid row
slip ropes
lynch congressmen off washington state cliffs thrown
that handed down drip load, old school
that open up on the side of your face like a flip phone


f-ck trying to talk to you
lift my foot up then walk through you
kicking rhymes in my stomping boots and lost a shoe
flyest spit gliding when i hawk a loog
daring deringer tearing paratroopers not c-ckatoos
dropping bombs to boom on toppa yalls platoons
soldiers smoked out, tripping off a cloud from shrooms
potent dro flows drownin whole crews
now it’s time to go and down some booze
i start on you and your boys
cause you’re all herbs and you’re wack
worse than that these sucka toys really think they be murdering tracks
i just serve ’em the gas and burn ’em when i furnace the match
turtles i catch and turn ’em into churnable fat
sickos got those nutty bars like snickers and whatchamacallits
coughing sickles and stars
my hot phlegm waves will wash over faces and keep cutting off y’alls limbs
(run that sh-t back)