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[jakeem.] – labyrinth [prod. by sonickk] lyrics



i asked god why he forsaken me?/ life’s a gamble but i paid the fee/ not making money, money’s making me/ can’t seem to buy supporting beams/ but n-ggas claiming they’re supporting me./ you’re opinions are not important b/ don’t start with me/ it all started with me making those beats/ i dropped the beats to start rapping now n-ggas wanting a feat./ winning feels like defeat/ but i pick up my feet and find a way to escape the maze cuz my fam gotta eat/ everywhere in these streets i know n-ggas that are on the rocks and every night i’m just hearing shots in the dark/ hoping they miss their mark on the targets they planned to aim/ because bullets don’t have a name/ i’m in this labyrinth everything feels the same/ trying to escape but don’t have a cent to my name./ that’s why i don’t have the time for games today/ n-ggas don’t have the credit to play i send them away/ when i was starving not one of them motherf-ckers have stayed/ no calls not a twitter mention it just rose my tension/ that’s why i stay alone/ no betrayal or contemplation/ no arguments at the home over compensation/ don’t have the answers like sway that’s my situation/ that explains all the missed calls from god asked him to help me out/ but it’s like the demons within me just drowns them out/

just keep running little n-gga, before the minotaur catch your -ss little n-gga/ escape from the labyrinth’s not far little n-gga so run motherf-cker run