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jalfa d & audrey swag – baja blastt lyrics


i’ve just been called a [?], thanks for that

[hook: jalfa d]
i’ve just been called a [?], i’m just like thanks for that
no i don’t need a belt when i got an axe
now all this pain i felt
yeah i was on my ass
that boy [?]
[?] on his ass

[verse 1: jalfa d]
i’ll play the cards, i’m down
but i won’t settle now
they try to be like [?]
hot like a kettle now
and if it’s perc i smell
then imma take ya life
[?] got stacks [?]
b+tch you are not allowed
i’m sippin mountain dew, but only baja blast
and if he talkin coo, i’ll leave him the past
i’m in that brandy coupe, it’s white just like a ghast
and i don’t need a [?], i took this out my ass
yeah, i got h+lla hoes
just like garden shed
and you know all my hoes, thеse drip like water shеd
and everybody knows that i like giving head
and when it rains, it snows
and i might need a sled
(i’m useless)
[verse 2: audrey swag]
b+tch i’m in the trap and i’m flexing
walk up in the mall and i’m spending
shawty [?] like she like how i’m dressing
all up in my dms texting
i’ve been getting bands it’s a blessing
yeah, forever 21, we the next thing
i’d like to see a n+gga try and test me
b+tch i got the diamond sword with some mending
i’m with emmie, pull up in bentley
i can’t be friendly, you n+ggas offend me
y’all so pesky, i know that they jelly
acting so petty, prolly cuz i’m s+xy
they know the ready
they be countin pennies, i’m just counting fetty
wake up with my bestie, yeah we countin [?]
pockets so heavy, cuz we still spending
(swag sisters)
(jalfa d)
(emilie, you can’t sit with us)

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