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jalfa d & audrey swag – slippers lyrics


[verse 1: jalfa d]
yeah, i cut up on my opps like some clippers
imma slide up on the floor like some slippers
i got ate out, imma big dipper
yeah, i punched him off like a zipper
and i’m smokin on a blunt now, chipper
yeah, boy you think you swag but i’m dripper
ion know why you switching sides, double dipper
yeah, you get to clapping like a flipper
yeah, i just hit the store and got some cookies
yeah, i know these p+ssy boys is some rookies
and your b+tch don’t even shave, she a [?]
yeah, i can’t read or writе i’m not a bookie
[?] in my dms, want a lookie
yeah, i’m finna pass a blunt to my pookiе
yeah, i can’t be a star and a groupie
yeah, that boy think he hard and he lose me
haa, aah

[verse 2: audrey swag]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, funny [?]
i’m not tryna brag
why you dress like some rags?
these n+ggas can’t rap
i know she tryna smash, i might have to pass
think that imma have to f+ck her after class
b+tch i’m bouta take a dab, smoking on my gas
smokin cookie girl scout with the sash
she in love with my swag
she in love with a [?]
she said i’m a snack
tutor n+ggas swag, we’re gonna f+ck in class
if some n+gga call me wack, imma blame it on the lag
more swag than your dad
i’m the girl [?]
staring at my ass
tryna f+ck [?] dad, imma put em to the test
i never come last
(yeah, yeah)
(uh, uh)
(jalfa d)

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