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james fortune – still able lyrics


still able

[verse 1:]
i’ve been hurt and abused
even lied to by the ones i’ve trusted most
i’ve had some nights, i cried more than i prayed
that’s when god said to me i am still in control

[pre chorus:]
now the worry is over and the doubt is gone away
god reminded me, that’s he’s still able
god reminded me that he’s still able

[verse 2:]
there are some days i feel like giving up
how could god love me and let me go through so much
i’m afraid to carry this hurt all alone
i need your help lord with you i can move on

[pre chorus]

sometimes it seems there’s no way out
so many problems weigh you down
you’ve got to know he cares
and he wouldn’t leave you there for long, be strong


god is able, able
he’s still able able
god is everything that you need
everything that you need
now the worry is over
i can wave the doubt away,
god reminded me, that he’s still able.
god reminded me that he’s still able

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