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james the keeper – shazam! lyrics


[verse 1]
they say the fight for equality
isn’t justified
they say my rights to ecology
aren’t jeopardized
i used to say it don’t bother me
used to fake my apologies
honestly i could count my blessings
in less than five
about time, the government
wanna recognize
about time, the clock is ticking
so step aside
i’m independent
that’s probably why i’m offending
enemies who befriended me
now the friendships have ended
it’s almost like they’re accustomed
to spreading hate
waiting till i could say that
i’m comfortable getting paid
sitting under the shade
listening to the waves
sipping a margarita the color
that’s on they face
and now i wonder
about my past lives
and if i ever did the trap life
i’m accomplishing everything
they ain’t want me to
i told myself that
if i would start it
that i would follow through

[verse 2]
hold the bomb flex
imma split an atom on it
writing psalms
all verses is haram
all metaphors and similes
are energy to rhymes
turn a stage to royal rumble
public speaking on the
(captain marvel!)
on the drums
yeah he rap, but can he run?
treat the songs that they be pushing
like a cig that you could bum
planets from different galaxies
scattered so you is dumb
if you think that the humans on earth
are the only ones
i’m a punk
by definition you see
worthless because my worth
is ammunition for me
it’s hard to fit my ideas
on a simple 16
shadow boxing
the only compet-tion for me
please listen
the sirens just won’t quit it
they try to lock me down
in they privately owned prison
and they ain’t paying taxes
but asking for my tuition
my message is for the kids
i’m hoping they won’t miss it
hold the bomb flex
imma split an atom on it
you have the right
to rewrite they’re blueprints
repaint the images
that might confuse them
restate the ignorance
that might allude them

earned my masters
on the internet

and imma, and imma follow through
and imma, and imma follow through
and would you follow too?