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jamie webster – dolly bird lyrics


little dolly bird
have you ever seen all the things that surround you?
think before your words
have a listen and all life sings will astound you
race war in the street outside
high rates of teenage suicide
people fighting for their lives
and coward, mislead kids with knives

have you ever heard?
heard the sound of a gun or the hungry crying?
little dolly bird
no, i don’t see how you could as you spend time lying
wealthy on your sunbed
and that shiny make+up forehead’s not real
just doing it how you feel

we all have the same twеnty+four hours in a day
it’s up to you what to do with it, really
but don’t dare break thе law
or we’ll be breaking up the party

so freely criticize them
yet you’d hardly recognize them
now you’re trying to advise them
as you equally surmise them
compelling with your lies
and telling us that they’re to blame
you ought to hang your head in shame
some miles away
lies suzanna and tony with a café in their living room
earning your pay
in salvador, brazil is far too much for your head to consume
it’s a good thing you’re a pretty girl
’cause that’s what’s got you out the gritty world
and while you work a couple hours
suzie can’t afford a shower but to feel a little power tell her

take more money just to make more money
crack a little smile if the joke’s not funny
you’re a playboy bunny and talking’s set you up for a fall
you just don’t know the world at all
all for the rise and not the fall

remember a day, remember a time
when it wasn’t such a nursery rhyme
no one to help, no one to hear
well, imagine it year after year
it’s a good thing you’re a pretty girl
it must be nice to be a pretty girl

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