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jaswed – smoked out! lyrics


no but like honestly
to be honest, i don’t even know
i don’t even f+cking know bro
(verse 1)
staying on the grind like skateboard
god these b+tches be so fake, i hate wh0res
choke them in the air, darth vader
you got the money, but i get paid more
chipmunk, pop them in the acorn
yeah, bop bop
little shawty on me and she give me good wap
shoot them from a distance and they wonder who shot
i’m the bounty huntеr and i’m getting mula
women look, and they saying ola
ola la la
that’s my baby, no goo ga ga
young thug, i bе chilling in havana
i’m a surfer, this is where i cool at brah
imma runner in the music, i do not stop
she want to connect
but i don’t know if she want love or the s+x
well b+tch i want s+x and the neck
sorry i’m rude i only love checks
(verse 2)
stay with that weapon, it got 556
and i’m shooting up an opp like bye bye b+tch
do not tell me what to do, this is my life kid
growing up fast wonder where my time went
you wanna link well let me check the sched
oh you outta luck, well i hope for the best
because you are not getting up in my bed
maybe another time, leave her on read
(verse 3)
you know i just look at the world and i’m just like
punk ass b+tch motherf+cker
yeah, okay like
smoked out
roll out
riding with the mini
i got choppas on choppas
lil hoe i got me f+cking plenty
and if you try test me ill make sure that my barrel empty
ain’t no one gonna chase me, i be zooming in a lil hemi
i don’t wanna talk to you if i’m not available
i buy what i want when i see it chilling in the store
shout out to my people i treat em like my little bros
i got me my numbers but i just want a little more

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