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jaxson power – sunrise lyrics


yuh, uh

(verse 1)
i ain’t a rapper
but i’m still f+ckin’ with that freedom
hate the player, not the game
because i love ’em then i leave ’em
i know d+mn well what i done
y’all lookin’ for a little somethin’, somethin’
just a bump
y’all actin’ real stupid
donald trump
cap’n blackbeard 50,000 on these chumps
leave ’em lyin’ backwards, in reverse, and roastin’ on they rumps
i talk a bunch
but just to hide my insecurities
the life i live, a paradox
it explains all these truancies
i fluently describe my strife as well as all this beauty
her booty like the mona lisa ’cause it’s priceless
and i just can’t stop buying it
although i know it’s seeing right through me
b+tch, i’m going goofy, the movie
excuse me
but you something majestic
if i fix myself, i’d love the house you like the senate
but simply just for now i’m tryna hide that monster standin’ in the mirror
overthrow his mental monastery
mind if it’s a moral query
chop the cherry tree
continue merrily
excuse a new beginning
tryna found my little house up on the prairie
my mental weary
think i found myself insane
be careful, ’cause…

never a sound, awake the beast
that’s me
never a sound, awake the beast
that’s me
that’s me, that’s me, that’s me

(verse 2)
switched up my style
that music a haven
i’m surfin’ that new wave
y’all stuck in the bas+m+nt
og, i’m a badass
i’m ricky gervais
and that doja
that 70’s show in the bas+m+nt
what’s good
chillin’ and and grillin’ the whole neighborhood
thought that i wanted to, knew that i could
this is my style, my whole livelihood
crashed the whole lumber trade, laid so much wood
spittin’ that greenhouse
takin’ y’all back like a magical treehouse
matter of fact, is she trying to roughhouse?
and y’all sh+t is bad like a lumberjack outhouse
i stopped giving f+cks when the world went dry
jump in that girl, i get disqualified
thought myself crazy, my mind gone awry
and i’m really lovin’ life but i kinda wanna die
this sh+t burn

(verse 3)
like i lost my specs
and i just wanna live forever but i dance with death
i taste the reaper’s tongue
this spark my front cortex
’cause fear is quite the turn on
same with these corvettes
and girl ain’t gotta flex
you got my respect
let’s have a good+ass time
and nothing’s gotta vex
’cause you and i on fire
like over all that stress
and join me on cloud nine
in a ‘lil vortex
and why you act so proud?
how you draw a crowd
i’m spittin’ writtens
and i’ll f+ck you up like [?]
now all the sudden they so cold
why am i so mad like some fro+yo?
i’m chilling feet up in [?]
spittin’, fire komodo
and dawg, i’m k!lling tracks
your music sound like facts
and as she walkin’ out
i give that b+tt a smack
what’s good? my life turned up
call that the life of the party
and she be faster in my dm’s than a racing ferrari, for real
we crash bandicoot
and we have a hoot
and girl, forget the world
it’s just me and you
and then she die for two
and looked at me like “true,”
and then she bouncin’ up and down like a kangaroo

how about we watch the sunrise?
how about you lie a little somethin’ for the gray skies?
how about we wallow in our sorrows together just like some homefries?

do you wanna watch the sunrise with me?