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jay brannan – greatest hits lyrics


greatest hits

to bitter from sweet
like liquid to concrete
it’s tough to digest
life rips through your chest
and just takes a heartbeat

you can’t check your pain
aboard the shame train
and maybe i’m out of line
but if you show me yours
i’ll sing you mine

a punch in the gut
some black ’round the eye
there’s red from my lips
and i’m asking god why
there’s a b-mp on my head
and a hole in my heart
if there’s one thing i’ve learned, it’s
that these are my greatest hits

i don’t sing for the rainbow
cuz i taste the rain
they spit “cheer up” and they scoff
i laugh “cheer down or f-ck off”
then get roughed up against the grain

you may never be happy
and i still see your worth
someday we’ll be less miserable
we’ll dye our heads invisible
wrapped up in robes not of this earth
not of this earth
not of this earth
not of this earth


would you read a book if somebody took out all the good pages?
so we did some drugs, gave out some hugs, rattled a few cages
have you made mistakes, let off the brakes? confess uncleanliness
not to feel bad about but to embrace your humanness


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