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jay brannan – the state of music lyrics


the state of music

coulda been a lawyer, a fireman
engineer in cairo, amb-ssador to j-pan
instead i’m stretched here, fire pit underneath
steel strings bound my body, this metal grill to my teeth

in 20 seconds, can you scream something for us,
and in 6 seconds arrive at the chorus?
cue smoke, flash lights, enter the fountain of youth
you can sell us anything but the truth

i am confused about “give peace a chance”
how much was music, how much makeup and dance?
peace is a product someone plants in your head
welcome to the state of music, population: spoon-fed

i entered the minefield, armed with something simple i wrote
but one of the three songs on radio exploded down my throat
a little bit queasy from the shrapnel i ate
would it be too much to ask for a little soul on my plate?

what an adorable artistic dream,
now everybody taste the machine
industry’s changed, it’s not our fault
can i p-ss you the sensory -ssualt?


thank you dolores for inspiring me
thank you to lisa for your pure melody
in awe of joni and the words she commands
breathtaking fingerwork from both ani’s hands
tracy for run- run- run- run- running and hope
the irish goddess whose voice rivaled the pope
so how the h-ll to fill the asics on me?
if i don’t know who i am, everyone will tell me


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