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jay cam & hippie stallone – friday (intro) lyrics


friday (intro)

i know this what y’all been waitin for, well n-gg- here it goes
f.r.i.d.a.y. (friday(4x))
(thank god it’s friday)


it’s friday
(you poppin’ out today)
it’s friday
(roll up and celebrate)
it’s friday
(my g i just got paid, it ain’t no more being restrain, and i’m yellin who_rayy)
cause the, week-end, just start_ed
and i’m down for whateva, regardless
as long as you let me know, what’s happenin’
i’m h-lla excited, if you ain’t know it’s because
it’s friday

[verse – 1(hippie stallone & jay cam)]

mhm, when i wake up, awe yeah i like to stoned
mhm, this for them n-gg-s, that was hatin’ all along
claimin that we were weak
it’s friday, but me and hipp k!llin’ sh-t like it’s the 13
no need to speak
us makin’ it is meant to be
like the second letter in the alphabet
so the life that we live, don’t come with regrets
our life is a movie, ready, set
go, welcome to friday, this the, intro

young n-gg-s from chicago headed to the top like we going to the attic
never gone be a gimmick, only authentic
and that’s how it’s gone remain on the road to riches staying in our lane and we don’t do it for the fame
naw not the clout we in the hood trying to make it out, won’t stop until we gotta a billion in our bank account
yup, until we wealthy living comfortably, f-ck who didn’t believe

in us, it’s a must, that we succeed-, & never give up
like lebron in the 4th quarter, we come in clutch
no matter what, we always adjust
everything we make is gold, got that midas touch
plus, this perfection that can’t be rush
trust, suckas gone talk sh-t, tell’em, hush
just, leave, there go the exit
as we proceed, to make hits
continuing to dodge the ignorance, & stay bliss (eco)

i know its been a long time comin’
well here it is, the sh-t y’all been waiting for
and if you ain’t know, i go by hippie stallone
that’s my brother jay cam, if you listening to this tape, your currently listening to the best thing you’ve ever heard in ya f-ckin life, it’s a fact not an opinion
they all claim real rap ain’t back, until they heard us from chiraq
this only the beginning, so if you a hater or a fan, you have no choice to get use to us than. on foe nem
shout out friday, this the mixtape
all i advise of you, is to get high as h-ll, and follow this journey thru the tape, peace and love