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jay portal – beast boy lyrics


you’re not as dedicated
you better face it, you’re faking
you’ll never make it, you’re fading, yeah
i wanna tell mom i made it
momma i made it

you can’t stop this now
you can’t calm me down
i been on the grind underground
wait until the come up

feel like beast boy
i’ma k!ll it every night, i’ma destroy
you didn’t f-ck with me before i was up
so don’t link me, no don’t hit me with what’s up

[verse 1]
she got her hands on my tommy
i put the bands on her body
i told that girl that i loved her
i’m sorry baby i was lying
my hands up on the wheel for real now
go in for the k!ll now
she be off a pill
tell me what you feel now
i been running to the bag, yeah
wonder how long this’ll last, yeah
all these other kids trash
i tell them what’s up and they mad




[verse 2]
talking up
shut you down
you can’t come around
on this side you a clown
f-ck it i’m drunk
fill up my cup
rolling it up
f-ck up my lungs



feel like beast boy