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jay troy – doin’ me lyrics


[verse 1]
trapping out crib i’m just tryna f+ckin’ live
work a 9+5 but can barely afford live
so i run it up i got diamonds on my wrist
no longer give a f+ck about a lil’ b+tch
knew right from the start she always gonna switch
so i keep a glock tucked i ain’t afraid to hit
dressed in all black yeah i’m lookin’ like the clique
if you run up on me all you gonna hear is cl!ck
i’m just striving for my future plus i’m tryna clear this debt
runnin’ up them blue strips while lil shotty give me neck
she know i’m up next, jay troy ima flex
i’m just doing me and you know i do it best

‘count this money’
‘i only like the moonlight i be gettin’ money’

[verse 2]
i’m a lil’ devil, take your b+tch soul
pull up in a benz truck, wrist icy cold
you b+tch tellin’ me to come and bring her home
she be f+ckin’ with a real g, n that forsho
rollin’ off the xanax and we pourin’ up some more
f+cking on me ’cause she knows i’m coming up
i don’t chase the bucks, i’m just doing what i want
run up on the squad and you gonna catch the glock
never round the block but a few is what i popped
praying none my brothers never end up in the chalk
racks in my pocket so i’m lippin’ when i walk
staying low key like i’m chilling under rock
you don’t even know me boy you shouldn’t talk
step inside of my shoes and i bet you couldn’t walk
i been through sticks now i’m going for the top
destined for this sh+t and i’m never gonna stop