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jayso feat. sarkodie – little monsters lyrics


eyo sark make i talk
make i yob abt hw dz kids dey blof abt natun at all.natin. natin at all…
i mean my name is great but still spittn it raw

u cant see me.why is u hatin? why
why is it so hard to shw appreciation
anytime am doing good somebody is killn de vybe
if i aint great to somebody lie
keepn dz tin dey call rap tin
making beats and all dat
some pretty nasty things is gone happn
wen i step on de streets chill up huh
so go confortable
dnt scr-p for me cos am a monster tho
skillions ei put ur blood in my vein
and i bet u gonna remember dz name

take it back
back to the days
wen i used to spit bars whiles i was on stage
from nkane to 2014 still winnin de race
s3 wonye menni aa checke de expresion on my face
am still keepin. it real
wotw3n me dea woaky3
wogyinah) dwa woanum metwee meti ne de3 woat3
madam catherine wot) bi de twitwi wo kuru mu na s3 wo ho ant) wo aa try ekuro bewuo na hw3
i put my faith in god to push me to the top
menim s3 boys b) mpae waitn for me to flop
ene3 montomunna cos january bang3 mo club
)bede ho ns3m keka y3 se boy no aholde blog hah
am de illest in hiplife
impecable mc
ready for fixed fyt
nothing can hurt me
mensinke da am still floatin on water like jeskey
y3 se nwomtoni biaa ntumi nlaste elef me
watch… obi mma me torch
guy bi y3 adwuma w) charter house y3fr3 no george
)no onim m’ahyase3 nti no)ne menni grudge
da obehyia me bia no)se sarkodie u force
keep it up haahhh

u see de anger in my eyes
needa remind you
mony3 me size
not even bragn at all… am tired
this skerry