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jazz jenei – quarantine song lyrics


my visions getting hazy
don’t know where i’ve been lately

i don’t even know where i’ve been
can’t feel nothing
i’m numb
worn thin
lost all patience
i’m at my wits
and i don’t really care anymore
(verse 1)
you cannot reach me
i’m disconnected
and i can’t pick up the phone
i hear it ringing
but i’m not speaking
leave a message at the tone
the box is full is right now
up in a world
you can’t pull me out
an exit ain’t my route
so listen
i gotta go for now
(verse 2)
i can’t move
going through motions
i stay stewed

i can’t move
can’t tell the truth
so we stay screwed

i can’t move
don’t come at me
with things you can’t prove

i can’t move
the world ain’t turning
so we stay glued
(verse 3)
what a time
what a day dude

look at
how crazy
they made you

look how
they done made us

feel like
getting played a fool

look how
they made me
hate you


they raised
the prices

they made
raise views
(verse 4)
if it’s new
then who’s an expert?

they don’t care bout
who it wreck it first

it done got worse

but with
the lack of tests
we gon see
who it deck first

we don’t know who
to check first
cause ain’t n0body here to check with
and most folks need a check up
the rest waiting
til a check clear

(verse 5)
n0body knows
what’s finna happen
so they can’t trust

and n0body knows
what’s going on
and it’s unjust

all the input
loud and clear
we got the scene shook

solders giving me
a mean look
we the ones
they wanna
deemed booked

(verse 6)
f+ck c.b smith
them army members
all the nurses
all of em

f+ck the hospital
and the sheriff
i don’t give a d+mn
if you call em

pulling cards
you wanna draw em
best be lucky
this was solemn

act up
with mama again
then you better know
there’s gonna be problems
(verse 7)
5 hours in the sun
now all of my tolerance
burnt up
i’m firmed up
turned up
worked up
and they won’t reimburse us
we suffer in a silence
don’t trying
to telling me
perk up

and that’s probably why
i’m zoned out
nothing else
will alert nothing
can’t even feel
no more
be present
what for?
this peace i can’t restore
doesn’t even

mmm… mmm… yeah. yeah….