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jean palliano – molly at the movies lyrics


ohlala x4
i said


i’m taking your b-tch for some molly at the movies x2
pop it continuously x2

verse (jean palliano)

i’m already grinding my t–th by the time i’m getting the pop corn
where is my spot
rest a ta place
you are not hardcore
my girl is a b-tch i am a dog but also man wh0r-
she popped 2 i did 5
i just wanted laugh more
pandora box got it open
she’s acting shy but to me its looking hopeless
on fait que du sale
when we in your p-ssy
sprinkle a whole gram
inside my pepsi


verse (lemmy g)

what do you mean, huh
spanish girl call her a nina
lemmy so mean, i don’t i beat her
i just pop beans with the reefa

i cannot die like a reaper
high in my shoe like a creeper
f-ck on your auntie your t-ta
she looking george like regina

baby so fleek
rubies are all in my t–th
xanny can’t take over me
molly while watching movie

watching you die in your sleep, b-tch
what do you mean, b-tch
i just smashed her once
hitting and leave, b-tch

chorus x2