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jenkins – you are there (feat. lyrics


i know you are there you are there no matter where
life goes you are there,you are there

tick tock the clock stops for no one
this crazy rat race is no fun
hold on i wanna stand strong
but i ain’t got no strength left to stand on
bills stack on my back i’m nervous
please someone carry these burdens
lonesome feeling abandon
but you’d said you never leave my side

there’s simply no need need for a chalice
simply beats and melodies
remember that he’s done defeat these enemies these enemies they die die
said they really don’t bother me at all
they fall we stand tall
the oppressor’s bowing down again
if he’s coming around again
i found that my god is ready to brawl
he’s ready to get quick quick
with everybody that calls
no matter the burden burden
certainly no matter the hurting hurting
remember the promises he’s made good on all of it
even those unto this day

some days the doubts may surrounds us
distracting like sirens sounding
the loudest trying to clown this
but we ain’t got no reason to doubt this
‘cuz after the valleys and mountains
rest comes and peace like a fountain
this word keeps me grounded
this word keeps me grounded