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jenn carter – juice lyrics


lyrics from snippet

[verse: jenn carter:]
if it ain’t about blues, then i don’t got a clue
get high, sip wock for the beverage
b+tch, i sip henny i don’t need a juice
4100 my n+ggas stay militant

[verse: kyle richh]
in the club, i got in with the tool
i+i put my thumb in her b+tt
like she a thot, let me loosen your screws
(let me swim in that p+ssy)
f+cked up dude, i still gotta’ improve
pray+pray to god every night
off a broom, i don’t know what to do
i’m in love with the drugs, like
don’t let the dotty canoo

[verse: jenn carter:]
thoot in the spot, and she feenin’ for clips
and my diamonds stay wet like a pool
b+tch on my body, she loving my drip
and i carry my bl!ck in the stu’
b+tch i be buggin’ when i’m off a broom
sippin’ wocky i lean to re+sip
thеy thought i was special, i’m breaking the rulеs
call me dora i’m taking that trip

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