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jeremy loops – waves lyrics


[verse 1]
the sun keeps calling
and i’ve been chasing early
so give me the coffee in the morning
a kiss when she leaves me
to get my day started
so i breathe in life -sniff-
and get to another rhythm and i’m in the flow
sitting in the backline, waiting for the perfect one

and the waves came, washed over me [x3]

[verse 2]
maybe i’ve been stallin’
baby i just won’t curve it
just to keep it in your pocket
kisses when she needs me
loving and a locket

i want to be water
skipping rocks in my soul again
pebbles on long beach, slowly turning into sand

and the waves came, washed over me [x3]

and the waves they, wash over me
cause the riptide pulls me out into the deep
it surrounds me, holds me, follows when i breath
but the air is clear and i am here

and the waves came, washed over me [x4]