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jesse-v – karate chop remix lyrics


smoke a lot of blunts up now
bout to eat gaby honey buns up
shoot that p-ssy up like trayvon
two in-boxes coming’ at the same time
that’s your mom and ya ho, tryna’ get me alone
tell them b-tches “leave me the f-ck alone!”
see, you f-ck them wrong, and i kiss there navels
i got a love-hate relationship with stacy
i’d rather pop some p-ssy, and my d-ck is a molly
boy, it got your girl tripping she tryna give wallies
and these hoes must be blind
cause they don’t see its a little sucking time
man i just received a package
its your ex girlfriend -sses
and my pockets so fat, i’m startin’ to feel like a boss
and my brother went to jail for them chickens
and he ain’t home no that n-gga better not be snitchin’
or i cut him off like karate! bang bang