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jesus anal penetration – i spit on your grave lyrics


sucking all the life out, f-cking them with violence
paying for their crimes forfeiting their lives
raped repeatedly, feeding violent needs
allowing her to flee only to repeat
only to repeat…

vengeance burning
one mans hanging, ej-cul-ting
his pants around his feet
another one bathing, his crotch is aching
his d-ck chopped off, the pain is sweet
the third man floating, his dead eyes open
an axe embedded in his back

the last one begging
alone, his wife will end

propeller churns his groin
listen to him screaming
(satisfied extremely!)

now you paid
one by one
you have lost
and i have won
i stand above
where you all lay (your resting place)
and now i spit
i spit on your grave