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jesus army – thank you lyrics


so many times,
you reached out to me,
but i turned my back ’cause i didn’t think you had what i need.
now you’re everything,
you’re everything to me.
i can’t be without you god,
you’re everything.

and i want to say thankyou,
i was lost and you found me,
i was dead inside,
and you breathed into me,

and you brought these bones life.
i want to say thankyou,
thankyou for saving me.
thankyou for loving me unconditionally god.

you stood with open arms,
but i ran away.
’cause i was scared of the pain that came with trust.
but i came running back,
into your embrace,
because i knew you’d still be there,
you’d never leave me god.

i don’t deserve you god but you keep on loving me anyway.
oh, you’d never stop loving me god.