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jeta yong – castaway lyrics


[verse 1]
what did i do
to deserve all this?
cuz apparently i’m the villain of the story
it’s all the same, stranger in vain
after all i did i’d be the standing tree

[verse 2]
i introduced you
to this brand new friend
but who knew that this could be the switch of other ends
and now its them
to turn on me
the same old words would flood myself to sea
so all the this i did
makes me the antagonist?
cold hearted narcissist
when all i wanted was to be your best

[verse 3]
happy now? got rid of me
shove it down my face so you could satisfy
the anger that you made
it wasn’t you so it was me?
i tried to stop the fight but you kept condescending

no matter how hard i try
i’d always be the wrong and you’d be right
cuz you’re so mature
and how immature you said i get

and you did it out of spite
in a place where it almost felt like home
but you took it away
just another castaway



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