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jetsweep30 – lu dort game 7 lyrics


just got outta sprouts, copped like 10 boxes of oatmeal cranberry cookies

brand new drone where he come from
what too many houses where he call home
i been sleeping on the couch for 10 months
at least it feel like it

come get me, too quick
feel like i’m the kid
playstation pre+order can’t wait for it

and i really don’t play games like that but i really wanna take my mind off
overtime 7 days a week, no vacactions, sick days, or time off
i got less than a dollar a dream
poverty the turn the kid into machine

not conway, just cogs in the systеm
capitalism that’s the true religion
shoutout out to adam nеumann, shoutout to yale and princeton

shoutout the initial 12, shoutout that weekly 6
like really half don’t got jobs, life really ain’t for this

[outro monologue]
thank god i know how to code bro. i had 7 dollars in my bank account bought a macbook pro for 2000, straight financed that no money down
lowkey that was an awesome day